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What is Gamble?

Sometimes we may feel unable because of the money and we can postpone important plans for us another time. Bank loans are often cumbersome and especially unmotivated by their strict conditions and the time required to request them. Luckily, the internet is a valuable tool that does not provide different opportunities, such as online personal loans. This modality allows us to have the money we need so as not to postpone our plans safely and quickly. Today, we want to present the service of one of the most sought-after online loan companies: Gamble Belongs to International Personal Finance PLC and has a presence in 14 countries.

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Why Gamble

Gamble is the most sought-after online loan option by Mexicans since it offers a greater range of amount to be requested to pay in a longer period than other similar companies. It is a reliable company with an international presence that operates legally and with a very high degree of commitment to its customers. It’s fast since the loan application and accreditation process will only take 30 minutes. It is undoubtedly one of the best options since it does not work with commissions, it has the lowest market interests and the conditions are clear and transparent.


The biggest advantage of online loans is Quick online approval and calculator. By entering the site, you will see a virtual loan calculator. You can use it as many times as you want without any commitment to calculate the terms of your loan and do an analysis before applying. You can request from 5000 to 40000 in terms of biweekly returns from 6 to 48 fortnights. Once you choose the amount, you will see the estimated biweekly payment. The interest varies depending on the term and amount selected, but if for example, you decide to apply for Gamble credits for 5000, biweekly payments will be 1050. Choose the option that is most comfortable for you and keep in mind that the longer the term and the amount, the greater the interests.

Apply for your loan

If you meet the requirements and want to enjoy your loan in less than 30 minutes, these are the steps you must follow to request it:

  • Use the loan simulator entering and choose the conditions that best suit you
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  • You must complete a short form with your information to create your account
  • You must complete your bank information once your identity is verified
  • You will receive a notification of acceptance of your request
  • The requested money will be credited to your CLABE account in less than 30 minutes

Note: Both your personal data and your financial data will be encrypted and confidential. This company is based on a general rule: loans Gamble sin buro. This will give you more peace of mind about the use of your data and more quickly to have your loans in cash.

Payment Methods

For your convenience, not only can you choose the conditions of your loan, but you can also choose different forms of payment. It is important that you always verify the amount to be paid and that you include the reference number that will be given to you, including the payment concept. You can make your payments through Banamex window, Banamex deposit, teller, deposit or Telecomm offices with HSBC or through your online banking from HSBC or any other bank with the credentials that will be clearly provided.

Customer Service

Something to emphasize is that this company is seriously focused on the satisfaction of its customers. In the contact section of the site, you will find addresses, email accounts, and telephones to communicate at any time if you have any questions or problems. The customer service center works Monday through Friday from 8:00 AM to 7:00 PM and Saturdays from 9:00 AM a 3.00 PM. It is important that you communicate with the customer service center before any inconvenience because your professionals can solve any situation on the spot, even if you want to make a full payment in advance or if you can not pay a fee and you need to extend the deadline, communicate by any means before the expiration date of said quota and will look for a simple and convenient way to solve it.

Gamble is different

While there are many financial institutions that will give you the possibility to access your online loan, Gamble has devised financial solutions to help you get what you want and need with the greatest confidentiality and speed you need. The rates and interests with clear and the lowest in the market. It is a company that is characterized by its ethics and its extensive repayment terms with the most comfortable depreciation.

Victim of energetic poverty: "I lived 20 days with candles, with my two children, one of them dependent"



I cooked with a gas camping thing and my children got sick. It was midwinter

Sandra could not stop crying when she saw the case of Rosa, the old woman from Reus who died after a fire that caused a candle. “I had an ugly, ugly time.” She knew what it was like to have power cut off due to non-payment . Between December 2 015 and January 2016 he lived with his children 20 days without light and without water. “More than once the candle fell on me, I cooked with a gas camping thing and my children got very sick, it was midwinter.”

Sandra’s light was cut “without warning”, despite her situation of extreme vulnerability: she had no income, she is a victim of sexist violence and has two dependent children, one of whom is disabled, after “so much struggle and thanks to the advice of the Alliance against Energy Poverty (APE) “, lives in a flat for victims of gender violence in Barcelona and helps those who suffer the energy drama.

“Information is everything, that your life depends on electricity when you can not pay is like living under the slavery of a great monster, ” says this 41-year-old immigrant from Argentina, the information she refers to and which according to her “saved his life”, is the Catalan law against energy poverty, an autonomous rule, unique in the national territory, which prohibits making power cuts to people in situations of vulnerability, however, cases such as the old Reus, has questioned its compliance by suppliers.

“Now I have a debt with Endesa of 500 euros, which was suspended for a year, but I still claim it. Now I am in court, “he explains.

“It is a sinvivir, the great electricians can have dominion in your life”

The last winter was not the first cut that Sandra lived , with the consequent expense that entails the new activation of the supply: “In each court they charge you 30 euros. You call a pay phone, nobody takes care of you, you speak a machine and they play you little music. ” “Then you spend what you do not have to pay for the re- engagement and wait, return to claim. It is a sinvivir. The big electric can cut the light and have dominion in your life, “he says.

It is of an absolute coldness. They make you feel guilty about not having money. Did I deserve to be like this?

Sandra criticizes the lack of information on the part of the energy companies: “As one does not know … Until I found the APE and they advised me. Not even the electricity supplier informs you of the help you have. It is as if everything was a taboo subject. We have to have a right to know what options we have when we are in this situation. It is of an absolute coldness. They make you feel guilty about not having money . Did I deserve to be like this? “

After being evicted for not being able to pay the rent, she lives in an emergency floor of the Barcelona City Council, with an aid of 426 euros per month, an economic amount that makes her live in a precarious situation, but with something more of tranquility: “Now I have some peace”.

Now Sandra uses her experience to help others in her situation : “I meet a lot of people who have this problem, the soup kitchen is full of people with this situation”.

“I’m telling it, I had a very bad time, will this be nothing? I do not know, but to pass, it happens … every day, to a lot of people “.

Díaz denounces that the government wants to "buy time" with financing to get out of the deficit



Susana Díaz

The Andalusian president, Susana Díaz, during the Debate on the State of the Community. JOSÉ MANUEL VIDAL / EFE

The Andalusian president, Susana Diaz, has denounced on Tuesday the “evasive” attitude of the Government of Mariano Rajoy in relation to the new funding model, which has been attributed to an attempt to “buy time” to “get out of the deficit” , and has pointed out the possibility that it is considering measures of an electoral nature.

“I think he wants to buy time because he wants to win the year 2018, which is when he tries to get out of the situation of excessive deficit in which he finds himself and, for that, continue taking advantage of the surplus of local entities and keeping the autonomous communities asphyxiating” , said at a press conference after chairing the meeting of the Governing Council.

The Andalusian president warns of the “brutal effects” of not approving a new model “Who tells me if you are not also considering measures of an electoral nature before a general election ,” he continued.

He has criticized, in addition, the “haste” to solve the Basque quota while it remains “paralyzed” the reform of the regional financing, which has considered a “terrible management, attributable only to the Government of Spain.” “If you have time to finance a government, you have to have it for the rest,” he added after warning of the “serious consequences” of not approving a new model.

He wanted to make clear that this does not criticize the agreement on the Basque quota: “I am a constitutionalist, I support the entire Constitution, from the first letter to the last , and the concert is in the Constitution,” he recalled.

“What I criticize is the government’s evasiveness and indolence and the irresponsibility of trying to confront some territories against others,” he stressed, while saying that the Basque Government “does what it has to do” , just as it deals with “defend Andalusia”.

Andalusia “a decade is being played”

After warning of the “brutal effects” of the extension of the regional financing system , he said that if in the next few weeks a proposal is not presented, nobody is going to “take it out of his head” that the President of the Government wants to “skip the 2018 to overcome the excessive deficit “of the State. “All this is not coincidence, it is not that the government has not given it time, but there is a clear and clear will to skip 2018, they have already done their accounts,” he ventured.

Convinced that there will be “pulls” between territories, but also in the “parties” themselves, has called on the Andalusian political forces to “engage with Andalusia.”

“All the parties have to compromise in the defense of the interests of our land and not in the partisan interests,” he said after noting that Andalusia is “playing a decade” , so he has valued the task of the group of work on regional financing created in the Andalusian Parliament.

“What I criticize is the government’s evasiveness and indolence” He stressed that every year that goes by without reforming the financing model “costs” Andalusia 850 million euros , a deficit that forces “withdraw funds from other sites,” which has a “huge impact”.

For the Andalusian president, in the Spanish democracy there is a “structural deficit” in terms of financing , with which “it has to end”, because the resources can not be redistributed in an “auction” according to the parliamentary needs of the government of turn.

Questioned about whether he believes that his party has been “lukewarm” in the debate on the funding model, he recalled that a few days ago he called the secretary general, Pedro Sanchez , and said “clearly” that was in accordance with the claim of the socialist autonomous presidents that the reform is addressed as soon as possible.

On the other hand, she has drawn attention to the fact that the PP-A now asks for a debate on the financing model, when she raised it last August , but then it did not “interest them in the least”.

The aid to modernize tourist infrastructures in C-LM will range between 300,000 euros and 6 million

The aid to modernize tourist infrastructures in C-LM will range between 300,000 euros and 6 million

The Official Gazette of Castilla-La Mancha (DOCM) published on Friday an Order of the Ministry of Employment and Economy, which regulates and calls the line of financing from the State’s Financial Fund for the Modernization of Tourism Infrastructure ( Fomit) for the year 2014 in the territorial area of ​​Castilla-La Mancha, which includes loans that may reach an amount of 100 percent of the bankable net investment, with a maximum limit of six million euros and a minimum of 300,000 euros per beneficiary and year.

The Official Gazette of Castilla-La Mancha (DOCM) published on Friday an Order of the Ministry of Employment and Economy, which regulates and calls the line of financing from the State’s Financial Fund for the Modernization of Tourism Infrastructure ( Fomit) for the year 2014 in the territorial area of ​​Castilla-La Mancha, which includes loans that may reach an amount of 100 percent of the bankable net investment, with a maximum limit of six million euros and a minimum of 300,000 euros per beneficiary and year.

This is included in the Order published by the Official Gazette of Castilla-La Mancha and includes Europa Press, which regulates this line of financing, which is included in the ‘Spanish Horizon 2020 Tourism Plan’ and in the ‘National and Comprehensive Plan of Tourism 2012-2015 ‘, as well as in the set of initiatives to achieve its implementation that are made from the tourist administration of Castilla-La Mancha.

Another novelty that contemplates this call is that the tourist companies of Castilla-La Mancha that develop performances in mature tourist destinations will be able to access the line of financing with charge to the Fomit for the year 2014.

Mature tourist destinations are considered those that are characterized by the existence of an offer and some tourist resources determined by an urban and environmental overload, an overexploitation of resources, an obsolescence of tourist facilities, a scarce investment of the private tourism sector, and a tourism supply and demand stabilized or decreasing.


The renovation and modernization plans of the mature tourist destinations developed in parallel by local administrations and by private tourism companies will be financially supported under the Fomit.

Public investment projects developed by a local entity in its territorial scope will be eligible provided that, in this area, there are investments from the private tourism sector that are developed in parallel with public ones and whose net amount represents at least thirty percent of the amount that it is intended to finance.

It will be understood that private investments are developed in parallel with public investments when they are framed in the context of prior public planning or there is a clear identity of proposals and purposes aimed at the modernization of the mature destination.

Only investments from the private tourism sector, which started from the year prior to the submission of the application (January 1, 2013) and whose execution has not been completed, will be computable.

The expansion, repair, renovation, replacement or remodeling of equipment and investments aimed at recovering the environmental and scenic quality of the destinations and reducing the urban density of the tourist areas or facilitating the modernization of tourist destinations will be eligible for Fomit.


The local entities, as well as the local autonomous bodies, the local public business entities and the local mercantile companies, may be beneficiaries of the loans granted by Fomit.

Private tourist companies that develop their main activity in mature tourist destinations in the territory of Castilla-La Mancha, which have fiscal domicile in the region and which are registered in the General Registry of companies and tourist establishments will also benefit.

Loans that benefit private tourism companies may reach an amount of up to one million euros, provided that the amount of the loan to be granted does not exceed the amount of the company’s net worth at the time of the application.

The financial conditions of the loans will be granted under the terms established under the State Financial Fund for the Modernization of Tourist Infrastructures for the period 2014-2015.

The deadline for submitting applications will begin on the day following the publication of this order and will end on October 31, 2014. The deadline for issuing and notifying the resolution to beneficiary entities ends on January 31, 2015, and communicate to the Secretary of State for Tourism, the competent body to agree on the disposition of the funds that comprise the Fomit.