Procedure to contract Bail Bonds

As we have seen previously, a Bond is a contract by means of which, a Surety, agrees with the beneficiary or creditor, to fulfill an obligation in case the “Fiado” does not do so. In order to be able to commit, the Surety Company must ensure through certain guarantees, that the Fiado has the capacity to comply with said obligation.

There are different types of bonds, designed to guarantee various obligations or contracts, all can be contracted by both a physical person and a moral person.

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Who is involved in the Process of Hiring a Bond?

Those who intervene in a bond

What is the procedure to hire a bond?

The consolidation process depends on several factors, such as the type of contract that is required to be carried out, the Bonding Company that is hired, the characteristics of the people who wish to acquire it, the agreements made within the policy and the low economic context. which develops the sector.

It is important to be precise in what and how the contract will be carried out, as well as in the times that will be taken to comply with the obligation. The requirements for contracting a bond depend on whether the interested party is a physical or moral person.