Susana Díaz

The Andalusian president, Susana Díaz, during the Debate on the State of the Community. JOSÉ MANUEL VIDAL / EFE

The Andalusian president, Susana Diaz, has denounced on Tuesday the “evasive” attitude of the Government of Mariano Rajoy in relation to the new funding model, which has been attributed to an attempt to “buy time” to “get out of the deficit” , and has pointed out the possibility that it is considering measures of an electoral nature.

“I think he wants to buy time because he wants to win the year 2018, which is when he tries to get out of the situation of excessive deficit in which he finds himself and, for that, continue taking advantage of the surplus of local entities and keeping the autonomous communities asphyxiating” , said at a press conference after chairing the meeting of the Governing Council.

The Andalusian president warns of the “brutal effects” of not approving a new model “Who tells me if you are not also considering measures of an electoral nature before a general election ,” he continued.

He has criticized, in addition, the “haste” to solve the Basque quota while it remains “paralyzed” the reform of the regional financing, which has considered a “terrible management, attributable only to the Government of Spain.” “If you have time to finance a government, you have to have it for the rest,” he added after warning of the “serious consequences” of not approving a new model.

He wanted to make clear that this does not criticize the agreement on the Basque quota: “I am a constitutionalist, I support the entire Constitution, from the first letter to the last , and the concert is in the Constitution,” he recalled.

“What I criticize is the government’s evasiveness and indolence and the irresponsibility of trying to confront some territories against others,” he stressed, while saying that the Basque Government “does what it has to do” , just as it deals with “defend Andalusia”.

Andalusia “a decade is being played”

After warning of the “brutal effects” of the extension of the regional financing system , he said that if in the next few weeks a proposal is not presented, nobody is going to “take it out of his head” that the President of the Government wants to “skip the 2018 to overcome the excessive deficit “of the State. “All this is not coincidence, it is not that the government has not given it time, but there is a clear and clear will to skip 2018, they have already done their accounts,” he ventured.

Convinced that there will be “pulls” between territories, but also in the “parties” themselves, has called on the Andalusian political forces to “engage with Andalusia.”

“All the parties have to compromise in the defense of the interests of our land and not in the partisan interests,” he said after noting that Andalusia is “playing a decade” , so he has valued the task of the group of work on regional financing created in the Andalusian Parliament.

“What I criticize is the government’s evasiveness and indolence” He stressed that every year that goes by without reforming the financing model “costs” Andalusia 850 million euros , a deficit that forces “withdraw funds from other sites,” which has a “huge impact”.

For the Andalusian president, in the Spanish democracy there is a “structural deficit” in terms of financing , with which “it has to end”, because the resources can not be redistributed in an “auction” according to the parliamentary needs of the government of turn.

Questioned about whether he believes that his party has been “lukewarm” in the debate on the funding model, he recalled that a few days ago he called the secretary general, Pedro Sanchez , and said “clearly” that was in accordance with the claim of the socialist autonomous presidents that the reform is addressed as soon as possible.

On the other hand, she has drawn attention to the fact that the PP-A now asks for a debate on the financing model, when she raised it last August , but then it did not “interest them in the least”.